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Sludge Dewatering Filter Press Machine in Chemical Wastewater Treatment (MYDL302)
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Product: Views:212Sludge Dewatering Filter Press Machine in Chemical Wastewater Treatment (MYDL302) 
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Last updated: 2017-09-11 09:20
Sludge dewatering filter press machine in Chemical Wastewater Treatment (MYDL302)
**Direct Dewatering of Thin Sludges **
** Operator Free Operation **
** 24 Hour Unattended Running **
** Small Footprint **
** Silent Operation **
** No High Pressure Sprays **
** Easy Low Maintenance **
** Low Power Consumption **

Boeep:The leading provider of treatment equipment for water and wastewater industries in China,heading to all over the world.
Boeep sludge dewatering machine sludge dehydrator is the innovative layered multi-disk sludge dewatering press. It is able to treat low concentration sludg and oily sludge effectively, with low energy consumption and easy operation, realizing an energy 
Product Application:Municipal water and wastewater treatment plants
  • Agricultural/fishery community wastewater treatment plants
  • Industrial waste treatment plants
  • Food/beverage production plants
  • Dairy farming/Meat processing plants
  • Chemicals manufacturing plants
  • Machinery manufacturing/Metal processing plants
  • Laundry wastewater
  • Other plants requiring dewatering machine (paper manufacturing, building material manufacturing, oilfield associated water accompanied with crude oil mining, etc.)
Work principle of sludge dewatering machine:
The wastewater is pushed into the dewatering machine.The sludge will move to the sludge cake outlet under the pressure
of the helical aixs blades.Becuse the gap among the helical blades become narrower,so the sludge bear heavier pressure
and begain to dewatering under the pressure. The water comes out from the space between fixed and moving plates.

Model DS CAPACITY (kg/h) Sludge Treating Capacity
10000mg/L 20000mg/L 30000mg/L 40000mg/L 50000mg/L
MYDL101 5-7 ~0.5m3/h ~0.25 ~0.2 ~0.15 ~0.14
MYDL131 10-14 ~1 ~0.5 ~0.4 ~0.3 ~0.28
MYDL201 15-20 ~1.5 ~0.75 ~0.6 ~0.5 ~0.4
MYDL202 30-40 ~3 ~1.5 ~1.2 ~1 ~0.8
MYDL203 45-60 ~4.5 ~2.25 ~1.8 ~1.5 ~1.2
MYDL301 50-70 ~5 ~2.5 ~2 ~1.5 ~1.4
MYDL302 100-140 ~10 ~5 ~4 ~3 ~2.8
MYDL303 150-210 ~15 ~7.5 ~6 ~4.5 ~4.2
MYDL304 200-280 ~20 ~10 ~8 ~6 ~5.6
MYDL351 100-120 ~10 ~5 ~4 ~3 ~2.4
MYDL352 200-240 ~20 ~10 ~8 ~6 ~4.8
MYDL353 300-360 ~30 ~15 ~12 ~9 ~7.2
MYDL354 400-480 ~40 ~20 ~16 ~12 ~9.6
MYDL401 130-160 ~13 ~6.5 ~5 ~4 ~3.2
MYDL402 260-320 ~26 ~13 ~10 ~8 ~6.4
MYDL403 390-480 ~39 ~19.5 ~15 ~12 ~9.6
MYDL404 520-640 ~52 ~26 ~20 ~16 ~12.8
Equipment Presentation:

Features and advantages:
1. One-in-all design, fits in small facility
Multi-Disk Screw Press adopted the unified structure that serves two functions, thickening and dewatering in the single machinery. The secret lies in the self-cleaning mechanism. The drum filter, because of the clog-free, realizes higher speed of filtering phenomena per filtering area as compared to other methods, and the sludge is instantly thickened by gravity. For this reason, low concentration sludge of about Total Solids 0.2%, as well as thickened sludge, can be directly fed without pre-thickening.

2. Wide range of line-up/Small footprint
The model of sludge dewatering machine based on the customer needs can be selected from a wide range of line-up, from a super-small 0.5 kg-DS/h throughput to a large 780 kg-DS/h throughput. Likewise, sludge thickeners can be selected from 1 m3 to 90 m3/h capacity.

3. Easy operation/Easy maintenance
Full automatic 24-hour operation without an operator on-site is possible with automatic operation control using various sensors. With this function, manual operation, such as starting or stopping, is not required. Moreover, daily maintenance is minimized, requires no skilled labor neither special knowledge, so that everybody can use it easily.
4. Power and water saving

Multi-Disk sludge dewatering machine prevents filter mesh from clogging with its unique self-cleaning mechanism, removing the need for huge amounts of water for clogging prevention. When compared with dewatering equipment of the same throughput, the amount of cleaning water required for Multi-Disk Screw Press is about 1/115th of belt press and about 1/12th of conventional screw press.

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